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  1. Greetings from the UK. I am disappointed that I have been unable to purchase a spare remote control for the ATV582 in the UK. I have tried several 'generic' android remote controls and find none are able to 'power on' the ATV582 from 'standby' condition. I have to use the MyGica r/c to get the box out of 'standby', but once powered on, the functionality of the generic r/c is 100% with no problems. The generic r/c will now switch the ATV582 between 'standby' and 'power on' modes repeatedly, but if left in 'standby' mode for longer than 30 seconds, then the ATV582 once again requires the MyGica r/c to get it out of 'standby'. All the generic r/cs I've tried exhibit peculiar behaviour with the ATV582. I have noted that when using the MyGica r/c, then the box simply goes into 'standby', but the generic r/c provides the choice or 'standby' or 'reboot'. The Android keycodes are presumably different between the Mygica and generic remote controls, but there is also some sort of key timeout on the box as afterany length of time, it requires one key press to get the attention of the box followed by a second press to activate the function. All the generic r/cs behave the same and work correctly with other manufacturers boxes, so it is my belief that the keycodes for the MyGica are non-standard. My questions are:- 1). Why does the ATV 582 need the original remote control to initially get it out of standby? 2). Why does the generic remote control work fine after 1). above, and then repeatedly puts the box into standby and power on with no problem? 3). Why does the the ATV 582 revert back to condition 1). above after 30+ seconds in standby. Perhaps I should also ask why there is no supplier for MyGica remote controls in the UK. Thank you for any advice. Dennis in UK.