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  1. wcs2229

    MyGica ATV495x

    HA HA HA.
  2. wcs2229

    MyGica ATV495x

  3. wcs2229

    MyGica ATV495x

    So, I gave good advice!
  4. Try Justin's method in this thread to make sure the repository is working: You can also try clearing data/cache for the Kodi app and uninstalling/reinstalling the Kodi app.
  5. wcs2229

    MyGica ATV495x

    If you do not have the basic knowledge and/or facilities to connect the Android box to your TV, then I suggest you return the unit before going any further.
  6. What do you mean by "Says may be due to no WiFi connection but I'm connected" ? Have you tested your Internet connection using Chrome browser or Speedtest app?
  7. wcs2229

    Device Lock - Require PIN?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences for others on this forum. I agree that, if people want a simple device to watch downloaded movies (Plex, DLNA, Airplay) and/or major Internet streaming services (e.g.,, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu), then they should just buy a Roku or Apple TV. Android is great for smartphones, but not well-adapted yet for watching TV because the user interface is touchscreen-oriented and there are many different hardware manufacturers. A lot of people buy Android boxes to run Kodi to watch "free" content, but end up struggling because Kodi also tries to run well on all platforms. Being a retired IT software/hardware guy, I personally don't mind tinkering around with my rooted Android boxes (1 x ATV1900PRO, 2 x ATV595PRO, 2 x now-dead ATV520E). I have the Rii i24 and MyGica KR41 Air fly mouse remotes. Some people think their problems are only on MyGica boxes and don't realize that the same and/or different problems exist on other boxes. I actually use MyGica as a cheap and low-power "server" device, not as a "client" device for direct viewing. With only 1 app (i.e., Servers Ultimate Pro), I run a DLNA server for streaming downloaded movies, an SMB server for copying files from/to my PC, and a DDNS server to synchronize my public domain name's external IP address for remote VPN access to my home network. Previously, I used an expensive and power-hungry Windows laptop PC laptop 24/7 to do the same and I also ran Plex as the DLNA server on the PC which I found too complicated for my purposes. For viewing, I have 2 x Roku Streaming Sticks on 2 TVs and 1 x LG 4K Smart TV. I am watching out for a sale on a Roku Ultra 4K.
  8. wcs2229

    Device Lock - Require PIN?

    It's good that you found a solution that is working for you. There are a number of "kiosk" apps that you can also try out. By the way, there is a later April 25, 2017 version if you want the latest (stable on my ATV495PRO and ATV1900PRO boxes):
  9. wcs2229

    Atv 585

    Also, Kodi 17 is not supported on KitKat, but there is a Beta only firmware upgrade:
  10. wcs2229

    Atv 585

    Exodus has been replaced by Covenant:
  11. wcs2229

    No sound after 5.1 Upgrade

    You should be able to do a factory reset, then reinstall the 4.4 factory firmware (from the Downloads section of this forum). Disclaimer: I do not work for MyGica and I will not be responsible for any failure/damage to your unit.
  12. wcs2229

    Update/Reinstall Kodi

    You can try this Beta only:
  13. wcs2229

    Update/Reinstall Kodi

    Kodi 17 is not supported on Kit Kat: http://kodi.wiki/view/Kodi_v17_(Krypton)_FAQ#Android_5
  14. wcs2229

    What is the latest update version?

    There is a later version dated April 25, 2017 on this link: http://update.mygica.com/download/Software/
  15. wcs2229

    HDD and usb

    There a number of ways to do this, which varies from simple to complex. Here are 2 of the simple methods: 1. If you have EShare server running on your box (should be preinstalled by MyGica), then you can install the EShare app on your smartphone to transfer files over home wifi network. You can take a look at the videos on YouTube ... Google "eshare app youtube", but I don't use it myself. 2. Buy an USB OTG flash drive from Kingston (e.g., https://www.kingston.com/eN/usb/otg), Sandisk, Verbatim, etc. You use the micro USB end to copy files from your smartphone, then use the standard USB end to copy files to your box.