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  1. Sound Cuts out in Kodi

    I have the latest firmware installed. Not sure if you have seen these posts as this has been reported a couple of times in the past from other users: I am not sure how it could be my hardware because ever since running libreelec not one sound cut out has happened. Could it be a software issue with either Android or Kodi for Android?
  2. Sound Cuts out in Kodi

    Tried every sound config available in Kodi and Android, nothing seemed to fix skip issue, but was running at 2.0 standard.
  3. Sound Cuts out in Kodi

    No Reply, I guess no support. Anyway I got desperate and manged to flash a modded openelec build called libreelec on my device running kodi 16.1. Running now with proper sound and full 1080p no problems. And they are working on Kodi 17 to work on player, so there is a little life left in the player. Have ordered a different brand streaming box with proper remote supported apps for Netflix etc.
  4. Is there any plans to further support the ATV585 range, there has been no bug firmware updates in months, I have had a issue were sound cuts out every couple of minutes in Kodi for a second or two, have read similar issues from users but no real fix has been provided? Are there any plans to upgrade android on box, I have seen similar spec devices which has Android Lollipop running, and are there any plans updating openelec for box. I am getting ready to buy a new upgrade box but the Kodi sound issue is a deal breaker for me buying any MyGica devices in future if such a big issue is not priority on your older models.