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    I was prompted for a software update not too long ago. I had problems with it. After a certain amount of time, the download froze...a good half an hour. I finally unplugged and got the thing working again. I immediately had issues with playback in Kodi. It's like he screen is stuck in a different playback ratio than my TV. I was prompted again for an update, and again tried but again, the box froze up...this time for hours. I again unplugged the power and it appeared to update. I thought that my aspect ratio issue in playback would be corrected. It was not. i have tried changing the display position, video calibration, as well as trying to mess around with the video mode. All to no avail. The only thing that used to work, until tonight, was Turing my TV off and on. When I did that the picture would fit in the screen that trick no longer works. I don't know what I am supposed to do now because I can't watch anything with the a quarter of the picture missing on one side. I need help!!!.. or am I not the only one experiencing this?