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  1. RYAN G

    Remote freezes on ATV1960

    Update: the remote is much more stable but still jams occasionally. Will exchange the device for another. Hoping the problem is isolated to this device
  2. RYAN G

    Remote freezes on ATV1960

    Thanks for the suggestion. Have changed the usb port and seems to be working okay so far. Will update if problem returns.
  3. RYAN G

    Remote freezes on ATV1960

    Remote freezes on ATV1960 I've recently purchased a ATV1960 after having two 1900pros which worked great. So far dissapointed as the ATV1960 freezes daily and no longer responds to remote control inputs. Have to remove power supply and reconnect for it to work again. The power button still works when it jams, due to the IR signal for this button but no other buttons work. Happens on several apps, kodi and youtube included. The unit isn't completely frozen during this issue, eg video and audio continues but no remote control inputs work. The firmware isn't available either so cant try reloading it. Need urgent help else will be returning the unit for a refund.