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    Wifi just says connecting

    Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately between the wifi not working, the screen flickering when coming out of standby and not being able to update Kodi, I have just stopped using the unit.
  2. Palms

    Wifi just says connecting

    Sorry. I have the 582. I used to have the issue when the wifi would always disconnect when coming out of standby. Been using hard line but would like to try the wifi. Now it just gets stuck on connecting
  3. Palms

    Wifi just says connecting

    Wifi just says connecting I have firmware 20160720. When I try connect via wifi it just says connecting but never connects.
  4. Palms

    Display issues

    Not sure if this an old thread but will put this here in case it helps someone. i had this same issue where my screen would go black when my 582 came out of standby. i played with the different setting for manual/automatic and different display outputs but that just made the screen flicker. The only thing that works is if i stay in an app when i put the unit in standby. for example if i am using Kodi when i want to switch off, i do not close Kodi and go to the mygica homepage. I stay in Kodi and hit standby. have not had the issue again since doing this