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  1. comisaru

    Mygica 1960

    Was sold by Geniatech who pretend mygica.tv is them represents in Canada. Is this genuine ? Becase what they sent it first time is not genuine at all 😐
  2. comisaru

    Mygica 1960

    Are different version for this box ? !
  3. comisaru

    Mygica 1960

    Mygica 1960 Is already available in Canada ? I ordered from Geniatech, from Amazon.ca at the end of October . They sent it a box no name...not 1960 for sure ...no original package, no manual , no original remote . I make it a complain...aparently they do it by mistake .... they shipped 2 weeks ago "the good one" .... didn't received yet ....still waiting . So is that box availble in Canada ?