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  1. Showmax Keeps on Buffering on Mygica ATV1960

    Perhaps MyGica Canada is stuck with some inventory and wont offer or support the 1960 yet? Of course if the 1960 is a dud then maybe the american purchasers would like to know that too! I bought my 5th 1900 pro recently but I'm tiring of waiting for the next step for my HDR set.
  2. ATC1960 will not see my internal disk drive

    My ATV 1900PRO(s) read the SATA as a "USB" drives. I suggest a clean format, and boot, understanding that if you already have data in place this might not be completely convenient.
  3. 1900 pro 1.30 firmware observations.

    Thanks...It just seems so generic for the top of the line! Do love my 1900Pros though!
  4. 1900 pro 1.30 firmware observations.

    I added a second 1900Pro to my home inventory this weekend and started out the process of getting it set up. One of the first things I noticed was that the "about" screen reports seems off. Device name reads as MyGica Quad core Enjoy tv box. (Not ATV495Pro or 1900Pro) Model name reads MyGica Quad core Enjoy tv box. Kernel version:ljw@ubi124 #2 Mon Jul 25 09:45:29 HXT 2016 (Or close, it's a bit blurry to my aging eyes.) Did a full erase restore back to factory, set up WiFi and updated to "MyGicaS905V1.30" My other 1900Pro Reads as ATV495 Pro. Has there been a change that I missed, or is this box bad?