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  1. Gr33n

    Disappointing business practices

    Yes I have tried that "beta" version ... Which IMO is more of an pre-alpha build since it's basically unusable on my device. The beta is not optimised for the 582 and seems like it doesn't use all of the cpu/GPU cores. massive lag, random crashes, etc... Please look into optimizing the image for the 582 and address the hardware issues. I have half way reversed your "MyGica" version of the OS and it looks like you're just rebranding the software with your logos and not putting in much work on the internals of the OS itself. One example of poor optimization is the stock "Mbox" boot logos that remain in the .IMG for no reason at all, just taking up space. I'm still quite disappointed in the way your company has decided to handle this.
  2. Gr33n

    Disappointing business practices

    Listen "justin" i don't mean to be harsh in any way, but you telling me that there are about 80 chinese "engineers" working on your products over a 2 year period, and no way to upgrade or update the 582 to android 5.0 or 5.1 is a massive oversight in production and work ethic. Seems to me like you just want to do the old bull market trick and sell, sell sell. Rather than create a quality product that will last, furthermore, using terms like Android Open Source Project to try and deter my interest in this technology are futile. Mygica has paid for the license to produce these boxes, or rather RE-brand them from the china clones that they are. I would highly appreciate making the AMLogic "Alpha" .IMG available to developers since it is OPEN SOURCE. but you holding the licence to distribute the SOC. Maybe we could turn this into a positive experience and work together as a community in improving this OS/Product. The stock firmwares you provide are easily altered to work with android 5* ... I just don't want to put the time in myself unless that's a last resort. Which is what your company has done, to a lesser extent. Mygica has just rebranded the launcher APK with the "Mygica" logo, same for the aptoid apk and other aspects of the OS such as boot logo. PLease make the developer files available, maybe in a private section so we can all work on it... look at the success of ddwrt or even openelec. Thanks for your hard work on the forums, G
  3. Gr33n

    Disappointing business practices

    Furthermore, I found AMLogic website with 5.0 release info for the s802 soc. It's up to MyGica to implement this. http://openlinux.amlogic.com/Android/Mbox/5.0_ReleaseInfo
  4. Disappointing business practices I'd like to start off by saying that I own one of your boxes, the atv582. Luckily it was given to me to review/demo and I didn't have to pay anything for it. The box works fine on Android 4.4, with minimal issues. Other than Kodi 16 being the last available version for that os. Now on to my concerns. I've scoured this forum for information on how to upgrade the OS to 5.0 or 5.1, or anything that would allow me to continue with the Kodi upgrade path. I found the "beta" 5.1 image which for some reason is the same across 4 of your models. The experience was awful. Terrible lag, crashes, no response etc... After even further reading most of the replies about upgrading this box are along the lines of "soon" or "working on it" over a 2 year term. Also excuses like " our chip manufacturer provides us with os" are total rubbish. AMLogic is a licensee of ARM cpu architecture, the cpu in the 582 is absolutely capable of running Android 5.1 and beyond. So when u say it's your suppliers fault, you are copping out, and hard. Also please don't give me the same old "it's 3 years old" nonsense. It's a quad core cpu @2ghz and 1 GB RAM. A first edition raspi has less and can do more. Im assuming you have no engineers or programers on staff and are basically a middle man for the hardware/software. Or rather just a marketing/pr team. Please reconsider your business practices and maybe outsource some aspects of the OS so that your devices can have a longer lifespan and upgrade path. To change the Android 5.1 IMG to work with the 582 should be simple enough for the engineer that compiled the older versions. P.s. on a side note, your organization of firmwares and patches on this forum is super convoluted and hard to navigate. Please take the time to consider implementing an ftp server or http directory with organized folder structure so that files are easier to find. I don't mean to come off as harsh, but I will not be recommending your products nor purchasing them if things in your company do not change. It would be a nightmare for me and my clientele. Kind regards, G