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  1. mac_angel

    no more updates?

    LOL. This is posted in the ATV 1900AC discussions thread.
  2. mac_angel

    no more updates?

    no more updates? I haven't used mine in a while, I had left it at my in-laws to try out IPTV (they are Chinese/Vietnamese), but they never got it set up. I brought it home last night, looking at trying IPTV again myself (didnt' work for me before). I am pretty sure it will need to be updated, but I only see posts about Android 5.0. Are there no more newer updates? It doesn't look like there's very good support on MyGica boxes if they stop updating after a short time. I'm pretty sure that the hardware should easily be able to run newer Android versions.
  3. mac_angel


    Does this update Netflix to play HD?
  4. mac_angel

    1900AC/1800E 5.1 Firmware November 23 2016

    sorry if this has been answered, but I really can't go through 8 pages. I understand that Netflix HD is an issue. Now is that an issue with people that have legitimate accounts, or some other access? I initially bought this unit for other video apps, but find myself wanting to use Netflix more, especially since my Blu Ray player is starting to crap out on me. I have a high def projector and a 106" screen on the wall, so there is a HUGE difference in HD and non-HD videos. So, is this new firmware suppose to fix the HD in Netflix? If not, can it be fixed?