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  1. If you press the little brush icon in the lower left corner of the interface (launcher) before launching NetFlix it usually works just fine for me. It appears some background app steals the scroll input for its use.
  2. Was away for a week and a half. Came back and turned the media player back on and only the power button works (this is with a ATV 495Pro). Tried: 1, Fresh batteries (with these the middle of the three buttons - a blue one - shines brighter now when pushing a button). 2, Power cycling the machine. 3. Both USB ports. 4. All combinations of the above. Grabbed the remote from my ATV 1800 E from my other box and that works with it. Any suggestions on how to get this remote working again?
  3. BTW that update says the CC is removed, it's on my device after the install of the firmware (and I'd deleted it before)
  4. Managed through the blinking screens and displays of snow to get this: To work and its given me a 1080p screen again and the joy of setting my library up one more time. The #1 feature I wish Kodi had was a shared library. With three devices setup (living room, basement and bedroom) it would be nice to only need to set up the things once and update libraries just once. Not a MyGica problem though. Gonna swap devices now and have the TX9 box as the primary (living room) box given it seems to like my 4k tv. 1800 can go to the basement and the 495 to the bedroom.
  5. Screen Resolution Wrong New television and so switched the 495PRO to the 4k resolution with the setting that was supposed to be correct for my TV. What I get is flashing images of white noise then no signal found as I think the TV shuts off the connection. Tried to factory reset the unit but half the text is off screen and I only get an image every few seconds to figure out what to do. After picking the one with factory in the line, I get another menu with several options ending with one about deleting something. Given I can read them, I'm not sure which to pick. Tried a few and they seemed to go back to the previous menu. Maybe foolishly, I tried my other 4k kodi box on the tv and it worked on the same setting. So now I'm not sure what I can do to rescue the box. Any suggestions? I'll just be happy to get it working again at 1080 at this point. Thanks
  6. I copied the files to a USB and that worked. Not sure why the sd card didn't though, same files on both.
  7. Trying to update to 5.1 my 1800e but it has been stuck for an hour now on the message "patching system image unconditionally..." with about an 8th of the progress bar full and not moving.
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