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  1. UnROOT ATV582

    Hi Yes My 582 is running Android version 4.4 kitkat, is there a way I can upgrade it to Marshmallow version 6.0 or 6.0.1 or Nougat version 7?
  2. UnROOT ATV582

    The mygica 582 also runs Kitkat...can not up grade to newer
  3. UnROOT ATV582

    Supersport does not work...don't know why...rather download the DSTV Now app...that's works perfect after the path is run.
  4. UnROOT ATV582

    It is working........ TTTHHHAAANNNKKKSSSSS
  5. UnROOT ATV582

    Formated my USB Drive, copied the img file across...Found the the file on my 582, busy installing now....YEAHHHHH
  6. UnROOT ATV582

    Just downloaded root checker from app store, and it says that my device is still rooted
  7. UnROOT ATV582

    Hi Justin Nope sorry nothing appears..
  8. UnROOT ATV582

    Found it thanks, but cant get the .img file on my USB drive, myGica does not se it when i go into upgrade app
  9. UnROOT ATV582

    DO i have to download the upgrade app
  10. UnROOT ATV582

    hi ok so i have downloaded the patch file...how do i instal it or does it install in its own ?
  11. UnROOT ATV582

    Should I reinstall the app?
  12. UnROOT ATV582

    Hi I clicked on the link and it downloaded... Do I need to do any this else? As DSTV now is still not working?
  13. UnROOT ATV582

    Any help?
  14. UnROOT ATV582

    Hi I need to unroot mygica 582 in order to watch dstv now..from South Africa..how do I do this please help....thanks
  15. Unroot atv582 or not

    Unroot atv582 or not Hi I'm from sunny South Africa. Do I need to unroot mygica 582 in order to watch DSTV now and Supersport. If I do how do I do this? Thanks