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Found 5 results

  1. Fail to activate MyGica 1900PRO

    Fail to activate MyGica 1900PRO I bought the ATV1900PRO. Connected it with my LG SMART TV. At the introduction screen, it says press “Next”. However, I cannot get pass this screen as I cannot get the “ENTER” pressed/. When I try to press anything on the air remote, my TV smart screen rather activate. Help please.
  2. Version 1.3.0


    Here is the Root Patch File which can be installed onto any MyGica 495 PRO or 1900 PRO that is using the Firmware Version #1.30 You can install this using an SD Card or USB drive and the upgrade app listed in the settings area. This does not require manually pressing the reset button. Just download the IMG file and move it to a USB drive or SD Card that is formatted to FAT32 when using your Computer.
  3. CNN APP won't go full screen HD on 1900PRO Hi, I'm new to the 1900PRO, have downloaded the CNN app and have logged in with my TV provider credentials to watch CNN live. Funny thing, when I scroll over the CNN app live video stream there are no options that pop up to go full screen. Can someone else try this while using the KR-41 mouse? You get 10mins free CNN live stream each day so it'll work. Appreciate the help.
  4. MyGica KR-41 mouse sensitivity too high on new 1900PRO Hi, I just purchased a new 1900PRO box after having the ATV1200 for a couple of years, very nice upgrade. While using the KR-41 in air mouse mode I'm finding it too sensitive and difficult to click / select what I'm clicking on. For example if I want to fast forward a video stream in Kodi using the mouse I have to really line up the mouse and hold my hand steady and press OK in order to get the selection. Is there a way to improve or are there any settings specifc to kr-41 air mouse that anyone knows? Thanks!
  5. ATV 1900Pro

    I have purchased the new 1900Pro but don't find an area dedicated to that unit. Where should I post questions, issues, comments etc.