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Found 10 results

  1. Haleysoltau

    ATV586 5.1 Update?

    ATV586 5.1 Update? You released a 5.0 update for several builds and a 5.1 update for 1900. But ATV586 is still on 4.4. I would like to update Kodi but I can't do that. When are you releasing a new version for my build?
  2. Gaby Bravo

    Actualización Android ATV586

    Actualización Android ATV586 Hola. Cuando harán disponible la actualización de Android 4.4 para la placa 586? Quedó totalmente desactualizada. Gracias
  3. Advice on 17.1 FORK install (4 Newbie) Not sure how to finish 17.1 FORK install. Did the initial 17.1 compile to MyGica media center "red" screen. System Info page shows Kodi 17.1 but Add.on page System shows Kodi 15.1 running?? Could not follow the XCTECH YouTube install procedures. What are the STEPS to ADD the compiled Kodi 17.1 to operational status?? (PS:) None of my Repo's seem to run except PBS??) Thank in advance for procedure advice for 80+ Senior.
  4. bindaredondat


    Version 1.0.0


    Changelog: 1. Updated to new Android Kernel 2. Fixed Full-screen PIP on the main launcher 3. Faster Channel Change 4. Corrected remote buttons for Ch UP/DOWN 5. Fixed Audio out of Sync 6. Added KODI 16.0 How to process the steps: 1. Download the file 2. Unzip 3. Format your MicroSD Card to FAT32 4. Drag and drop files from Unzip folder to root of your MicroSD card 5. Hook it up to your ATV1800E 6. Connect HDMI, turn TV on 7. Hold pin where Reset is 8. Hookup power while holding down Reset, via pin 9. Hold for 15 seconds you will see the android guy, give it 5 minutes and your back to the main screen. NOTE: your Box will be reset to factory,
  5. Luis Espindola

    ATV586 dvb t2 in Arentina

    ATV586 dvb t2 in Arentina Hello, first sorry for my bad english. I bought an atv586 with dvbt2 in Argentina Bs As. This is the seller: https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-641139334-mygica-atv586-box-android-44-quadcore-c-sintonizador-tda-_JM The produc works fine, play audio and video very fine. But in digital TV it has a lagg or bug in transmision, works with a little stop every 3 o 4 seconds. I think may be the tv norm in my cuntry is ISDB-T, where can i confirm that my product is DVB T2? in options? Bye
  6. Atv586 with kr21 remote not working I bought the mygica at shoppers drug mart a few months ago. Was working ok but then started to make quick clicks like the power was surging or something. Suddenly the remote has stopped working altogether. The red light on mygica does not turn on and changing batteries does not help. I looked through this site and although it suggests " re pairing " there are no instructions for my remote. No ' dongle '???? Please help???
  7. Finally I was able to fix the problem on my device caused by the "Select Home app" which popped up constantly on the home screen and did not allow me to perform any operation on the "home" screen of MyGica. And it also did not allow DTV Viewer to perform the task of scanning digital TV channels. This problem was caused after installing the "20160513" version of the firmware, dated May 2016. After contacting the technical support service in China (support@mygica.com), and telling them about my problem, they responded quickly and fixed the software bugs in less than a day. Sending me a new link with the firmware versión. The "20170424" versión. Here is the file link with the new update for anyone who has the ATV586 with the Japanese ISDB-T digital television standard and has suffered the same problems as me when installing the previous update: http://update.mygica.com/download/Software/update_Mygica_ATV586I_4.4_20170424.zip
  8. Jim

    ATV 586 Future

    ATV 586 Future I need some help in understanding of my Android box has any longevity. It seems clear that an update to Android 5 is not going to happen based on chipset issues. I also found out that there is supposed to be a version of Kodi 17 that will run on my box. If so when is that going to happen, and is my 586 going to be obsolete? It's only a few months old. Jim
  9. EdT

    Kodi Aspect Ratio Zoomed

    Kodi Aspect Ratio Zoomed Just testing out the MyGica ATV586 and there is one thing that is perplexing me. When I set in the Android display setting to 1080P 60HZ or 720P 60HZ and I start Kodi 16.1 the screen is zoomed in so large that the only way I can get back out is disconnect the power. In the Android screens it is fine with 1080P 60HZ, just not with Kodi. Kodi will display correctly if I set the display setting to 1080P 24HZ. This does not happen with other brands of media player for Android boxes that we have here, only with the ATV586 We are using the Xonfluence skin for Jarvis, seems like it will not zoom in when using the default Confluence skin. Anyone seen this phenomenon before and is there a way to correct it to use it back at 1080P 60HZ ?
  10. Recently bought ATV586 ATSC. Details; Model: XS Android Version: 4.4.2, Build version: V002M8B01_20151028 Kernel Version: 3.10.33, qsy@ubt1243b15c51-dirty(20150618.122422) Trying establish WiFi connection to router - Sagemcom 5566 (installed by Bell Canada - Bell Fibe) but stalls on the "connecting" message. No error message is presented. Tried connecting via the Advanced settings and also resetting the router, but no success here. Connected hardwired instead close to router box but would like to use it where there is no wired connection. Other devices are able to connect (WPA2 -Personal) without an issue. Is there any setting or fix that I can try to overcome this. I would "prefer not" to do an upgrade the Firmware if the risk of clobbering another function or feature is high. Joteejames