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Found 11 results

  1. Remote stopped working

    Remote stopped working Hi, I got this product for Christmas. It was working fine. A few days ago when I tried to use it, I discovered that only the power button on the remote is working now. All other buttons just cause the lights to blink 4 times. I am able to control the box with MyGica share app or a computer keyboard but its an expensive product and I should be able to use the remote it came with... does anyone know how to fix it? Or should I return it to the store and get a new one?
  2. 495Pro remote issue

    495Pro remote issue I am having a problem with the remote for the mygica 495pro remote. I can't get it to scroll down past the bottom of the screen. If there is a list of episodes (say 24) and episode 7 is at the bottom of the screen, I cannot get the mouse/selector to go beyond episode 7.
  3. remote is blinking

    remote is blinking Just got my 1900PRO today and got it working, watched it all night, turned it off to go to bed then wanted to check the weather so tried to turn it back on and the remote blinks five times (those 3 red dots beside the power button) ... and it doesn't turn on the box ... any idea how to fix or what's wrong?
  4. Remote Down Botton not working on Netflix and Youtube apps I am not sure if this is the fault of the apps or the remote, when I press down to move through the selections nothing happens. Is there something I am missing in the remote setup?
  5. USBs Not Working on Mygica Box The USBs on my Mygica box (1900ac) stopped working about a month ago. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I frequently have to unplug everything and turn it back on. It can take hours or days before the remote works again. I initially thought it was the battery on my remote, so I changed it. That didn't work. I then thought it was the remote itself, so I bought a keyboard. The keyboard has the same issue; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I tried both the remote and the keyboard on something else and they both work perfectly fine. It's not a pairing issue. FYI: The box is on version 5.0 Lollopop and I recently changed Kodi to version 17.4. I was having problems with the USBs even before I changed to version 17.4. What should I do? Should I try a factory reset and hope that fixes any bugs? I bought it just over a year ago, so the warranty ran out..
  6. Mygica atv1900 pro remote keypad not working Hello - The remote that came with this product suddenly stopped having accurate input. Changing the batteries but didn't resolve it. Switching the dongle to a different USB port worked for about an hour and the the problems started again. Multiple input problems: ● Every time I input characters regardless of which app I'm in it inserts the character "p" sporadically throughout the text. ● The mouse is hard to control and jumps slightly for example I hover over "OK" and instead it cancels ● It mostly won't tab to the right. For example to tab to an app on the far right on the home screen I have to tab left until it starts over on the right side. Same problem when I use a pop-up "soft" keyboard ● Sometimes when I press OK it tabs left instead ● Entering urls on Kodi is a nightmare. Aside from all of the above it randomly adds spaces. So with all the input problems combined I could end up with a url that looks like this : hptpspp://mpygic ssasups port.pcomp/poh mypp pgodpppp Help please. I've had it about 6 months and it worked great until this week.
  7. Mygica Atv1800E Stanby / On - Off Problem Hi Justin, Hi Guys, My device is atv1800e Running on android 5.1 My problem is that the device is turning on automatically. See the red and green light on the bottom video
  8. Atv586 with kr21 remote not working I bought the mygica at shoppers drug mart a few months ago. Was working ok but then started to make quick clicks like the power was surging or something. Suddenly the remote has stopped working altogether. The red light on mygica does not turn on and changing batteries does not help. I looked through this site and although it suggests " re pairing " there are no instructions for my remote. No ' dongle '???? Please help???
  9. Remote Stopped Working After A Week We bought a brand new MyGica box and remote exactly one week ago. The remote stopped working this evening. Nothing happens when I press the buttons (although the middle blue light blinks). We've tried putting new batteries in but nothing happens. The remote is a Kr41.
  10. Remote Pairing 1900AC and KR45

    Hi, I have seen instructions to pair the 1900ac and kr45 remote. However, the remote does not have rewind and fast forward buttons. The kr45 I have is pictured in the 1900ac manual which is available on the mygica support website. It has on/off, voice, directional keys, volume up and down, back, menu, enter. Can this remote be re-paired? The remote has worked previously, I set it up with a new TV and now only the on/off button works. Batteries are new. Thank you!
  11. Brand new MyGica ATV585 box, Netflix on the screen, but I can't pause the show I'm watching. I can't stop it either. The only way to stop the thing is to press the 'back' button and go back to the show menu. Basically none of the most essential TV-watching function buttons on the MyGica remote work, except for the volume control. Why is this and how is it fixed?