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problem detecting PAL on RCA composite

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On 11/9/2018 at 9:43 PM, pedrovidatec said:

Hi any news about Pal-M system in mygica cap xII

We are confirming. Could you please send us by email to easily follow up this issue? email address: support@mygica.com

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HI. I just uploaded the firmware suggested by you in a previous post and is not recognizing the PAL signal. I talked with the C-Arm (an x-ray machine) factory engineer and he told that this model uses a PAL signal to feed the monitors. I attached a video file showing the connection and the lack of video signal detection.

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On 9/5/2018 at 5:02 AM, zxl said:

Hi guys@Blast@arturojgt@mrrbaires, sorry for keeping you waiting. Please try if this new firmware can solve your problem.

Please download this firmware: https://mega.nz/#!buh0SCrD!-oE-dXgrrHx7ysrU4CdcYNB-TNpqKGqNDvjcehHVnqQ

How to upgrade firmware:

Ø The jedi.img(2) files are copied to the root directory of U disk 

Ø The U disk is inserted into the USB interface of HD Cap X 

Ø Re-plug the power, the system will automatically find the upgrade file to update the firmware

Ø During the upgrade process, Rec LED will flash 3-5 seconds, after the upgrade is complete, the system will automatically restart

Ø The system firmware upgrade is complete U disk jedi.img will automatically delete.

Hello @zxl and folks.
Sorry for bumping up such an Old Thread.
Also, forgive my poor English by I hope we can understand each other.

I read out this Post and im having an issue with PAL-N Signal via CBVS Input as the OP.

So, im from Argentina as @arturojgt & @mrrbaires
Im trying to Capture some VHS on PAL-N Signal using the MyGica HD Cap X.
As out of the box, i plugged the VCR to the CBVS input, a USB Flash Drive, powered up the Hardware and Captured some video.
It recognized the CBVS input, recorded, but it is on Black & White with some sort of Blue/Red/Green lines. Audio its Ok.

I got to this Post and Upgraded the Firmware with the one you provided.
Got same results, it records on Black & White with the Color Lines.

Is there anyway to fix this or i need to use a Transcoder?

Also, if i try to passthrough via HDMI out i cant get any signal, but thats not the purpose of this HW i suppose and has to do with the PAL-N issue.

Hope you can help me, and also, is there any NEWER Firmware than the one you provided here?

Thanks in advance.

-PS: I attach two records so you people can see what its like

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