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New Gica 1900 Pro

I recieved a new upgraded box as a replacement for my 1900 av.  The unit was freezing on my and suddenly my Kodi was gone.  I did a factory reset.  It says now that I have an outdated version of Kodi and that 17.6 is available.  When Gica shipped me the new box 17.6 was on it I believe.  I don’t know what to do now and how to make it current again.  I have loved this unit and its much faster and quicker than my old one.  Also my boyfriend has the same unit.  Yesterday we bought a streaming package to watch Supercross live.  We had to watch it directly from their site on the internet.  The unit kept losing its ability to have a continous feed of watching the event.  I worked fine on my tablet.  Is there something that I can toggle with the unit to prevent it from losing a feed during a live event.  



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