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Update on 495Pro HDR hangs on install

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Update on 495Pro HDR hangs on install

Just purchased a 495PRO HDR and as soon as I plugged it in and hooked up the Ethernet it started to download new firmware.   I let it do it's thing and now it's stuck on a screen that shows a progress bar and Install:  0/10

It started as Install: 0/8  but froze there so I downloaded the firmware zip file from this site and installed it via USB.   The screen said it was successful but after a reboot it hangs on the progress meter again and says Install: 0/10

At one point after trying to launch the Netflix app it flipped back to the black screen with the progress meter again but this time it said Installing DTV player 1/11. It hung there as well.

If I reboot it goes through the Android screen and the MyGica screen till I get to the home screen but after about 15-20 seconds it reverts back to trying to install 0/10 and hangs.

This is my second time with a MyGica box. I used to use a 586 but I remember having a terrible time with it too.


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