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No Signal - coming to screen

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No Signal - coming to screen

I have an ATV1900Pro which seems to have stopped working, no signal comes from the device.

Naturally, this means I can't do or see anything within the system to try troubleshooting.

Tried so far:

  • Unplugging a replugging the power cable
  • Unplugging a replugging the HDMI cable
  • Pressing the small Reset button (multiple times and for long durations)
  • Tested the HDMI from a different source device (works fine)

Please give a step by step instruction to fix this.

Is this covered under warranty?

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I had similar problems with mine. Every 4 or 5 minutes the HDMI would cut out.  Sometimes pressing buttons on the remote would "wake" it up, sometimes a power-cycle.  Did some googling and other people had similar symptoms that they traced to the HDMI cable itself.    

I was about 1 second away from returning the device.

I noticed that I used a longer HDMI cable that I had already connected to my TV.  I switched to the shorter one that came with the MyGica and that appears to have solved my intermittent signal problems.

Other suggestions were to disable the HDMI CEC link since the standard varies from one device to another.

I also installed the latest image from the downloads section. 
I had to unzip the file on the usb and do the 15 second reboot to upgrade my software. 


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