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No Audio

Hi guys,

I just bought a new IPC3700 and set it up but I have no audio from the system.

I plugged my headphones into the L/R jack and there is no sound (I tested by running a YouTube video).

I then remotely connected to the system using TeamViewer and the audio plays thru TeamViewer but not thru the L/R jack. This means there is audio but it's just not leaving the audio jack.

I even tried different headphones. Nothing.

Is there a BIOS setting I'm needing? How do I access the BIOS in this system?

Thanks for any help.

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I have some progress to report. I removed the HDMI cable to my monitor and I had full audio coming out of my headphones. So I plugged in a VGA monitor and I have both Video and Audio. The HDMI Monitor doesn't have a headphone jack so I can't use that monitor.

Is my option either HDMI or the L/R jack? Should I not be able to use both?

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Hi Bluebeep,


Can you please try right clicking on the speaker in the bottom right hand corner and clicking on "playback devices". From here, select the device you wish to use and "set default" button on the bottom. It should work now.

Generally, the audio will go to the default video device, especially if it is using HDMI. You need to manually override this in the playback devices settings.


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