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495 Pro HDR air remote issues, disconnected

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495 Pro HDR air remote issues, disconnected

Hi, just curious if anyone is having issues with their 495 Pro HDR Air remote.
Here is the issue, i have replaced the unit 3 times within  1 week of purchase.

Once remote is turned off, and then turned back on it rarely works unless i remove the wirelesss  usb dongle from the machine.
Once i do that it works again.
If i turn it off from remote it usually turns back on disconnected.

So annoying... i thought it was the machine but after replacing the unit 3 times, i do believe it's the box or software on the box.

Any help on anybody having this issu.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Porkazil,

I notice this happens at our showroom too, but not at any other location that I use this remote. I believe it is related to a saturated 2.4 ghz environment. Do you live in a building that has an abundance of wireless connections and devices? As all of our remotes use a similar frequency, changing it to another one will not likely fix this. If you really like using the mygica box, and none of the remotes are stable in that place, then please consider using a mouse and keyboard combo like the logitech k400. Any other dongle based control system will work as well including the harmony remote.


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