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No sound, ACC compatibility problem on TV

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No sound, ACC compatibility problem on TV

Hi, I captured various files with the mygica hd cap x in a western digital external drive and I tested that saved files in 3 different televisions (I mean I´m trying to see the captured files by the usb connection of the tv connecting only the external hard drive).

In one of them the sound is ok (Samsung serie 6) and in the other two tvs I have not sound (Samsung serie 5 both).

A message of acc incopatibility is displayed in one of those tvs when I play the mygica captured files, but I don´t have any problem with all the other files with acc sound I have in those tvs (hundreds of youtube videos, mp4 and mkv files downloaded from different sources in internet), the only files that don´t have sound are the Mygica files, how I can get a solution for this issue?

More info: when I connect the mygica by hdmi or cvbs in those tvs and I´m capturing, I can hear the sound perfectly in real time, the problem is only when the file are saved in the hard drive by rec button in the mygica. I have image but not sound.


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Is your product Mygica HD Cap X or Mygica HD Cap X-II?

Is it ACC or AAC?

What is the video source?

Which TV is the message of ACC/AAC incompatibility displayed on?  Could you please send us a screenshot? 

Could you please try to save the captured files with another device(e.g.: A 3.0 USB flash drive or other hard drive) , then check if your problem could be solved?

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