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Canal 5GHz


Two weeks ago I bought 2 boxes and I could not connect to the 5GHz channel and therefore I do not have a good signal.

My internet provider has already reviewed the routeur and it works well. I use this channel with my cell phone and my computer without any problem.

I want to know if I have to do some configuration so that my box finds this channel.


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Jose, please in the future, please only make a single post about an issue, thanks.


I am copying and pasting the reply I gave Jose in a DM, to hopefully help another person;


"How many bars are showing for 5ghz? You were able to connect to 2.4 without issue?

I will admit, that your laptop and phone both have more powerful wifi antenna's than our systems. Those devices are typically over $1000 each and simply have more expensive parts in them relating to wifi. 

A rule of thumb is that 2.4 is slower but reaches further and 5ghz is faster but doesn't reach far. 

While your router is likely working fine and your other devices are connected, if you don't see full bars available for your 5ghz network even if it did connect, it would not be as stable as 2.4."

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