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ROM and Google chrome for 495MAX

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ROM and Google chrome for 495MAX


I have just bought the 495MAX media player, I have a few issues I am struggling with.

1. It currently does not have a internet browser installed. I externally installed Google chrome APK via USB flash, it works but does not create a shortcut on the home page, how do you get the shortcut?

2. Is there a way to change or get a different home launcher? To create certain apps in groups instead of scrolling so much?

3. Is there a custom ROM available to download and install?

Thanks for your assistance.



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We currently do not have any custom rims or different launchers. Google is very strict on what the android tv platform looks like and has not made anything new. 

You should be able to side scroll through the apps on the from for google chrome. I’ll have to check this out if it isn’t appearing and see what I can come up with. 

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