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MyGica T230 and T230C issues in Colombia

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MyGica T230 and T230C issues in Colombia

Hello, I hope this is the correct section of the website for this topic.

I live in Colombia and I bought the MyGica T230C usb tuner since it supports DVB-T2 which is the TV standard adopted by our country.

The problem with this tuner is with some channels not being recognized or detected at the scanning process done on the computer or Android device. There are 21 channels available at my location but the T230C catches only 16, I heard the T230 also has similar issues , however, I don't have signal reception issues because the same external antenna I use for my TV (which catches all the channels) is the same connected to the usb tuner. Usually we have to select Taiwan as the country in the app settings since they use the same technical specifications as our country for the signal transmission.

Many people had returned their purchase because of this inconvenience so I hope MyGica take a look into this in order to see if this is a firmware issue that should be addressed because it happens under Windows 10 and Android.

Please let me know if you need any logs or something that could help identify this problem.

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