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  3. Dstv Now apk for android nougat 7.1.2 Good evening, I need help, I used to until just now recently, 2 weeks ago, had dstv now working on one of my Android devices in the car, the device is an uncertified Google device, although it used to work with catch up, the live tv didn't work, which was fine for me, the device is an Android Nougat 7.1.2 uncertified Roik10 device, it worked with Dstv Now older version 1.36.4 which was an apk you can download from google, it's not available on the device's playstore when you search, please can you help in advising which version of Dstv Now this android device will work? It allows you to download this version 1.36.4 and I can see all the shows, although as soon as I click on any show, it gives me the error, video is currently unavailable [404] -[:17825792:-1015:0] it used to work, it recently stopped working. I hope to get some sort of solution. Thank you.
  4. Last week
  5. Hi @Milan - Syntech Could you kindly help me with the FW for 7.1.2 update for my ATV1960? In my attempt to get Showmax to work, I seemed to have bricked my device. Thanks
  6. No Netflix Hi i cant download Netflix on my 495
  7. I just looked at the back of my box for the 495Max and it lists the mygica.tv website, my bad. You'd think the guys from mygica.com would have sent me a response saying I was going to the wrong place for mygica support. Weird...
  8. Thanks, I just created a ticket. I hope these guys respond... I used this website to ask for help and I send the support@mygica.com an email. I guess they aren't valid? https://www.mygica.com/contact_us/
  9. I looked up your email in our system and nothing to be found. maybe your emailing the wrong MyGica website. try going here http://www.mygica.tv/help/open.php
  10. MyGica ATV1960 stuck on red power display Light Hi I have an Android 6 MyGica ATV1960. Been having power issues where i would need to remove and re-insert the power cable in order to switch it on. That is now not working and the box is stuck on the Red power light display. I have checked the power adapter and that seems to be working perfectly. I have tried to do a hard reset by, removing the power cable, pushing in the reset button and reinserting the power cable while holding down the reset button for over a minute. Nothing happens. I did not try any firmware upgrades, hard or software upgrades. I just want the box working. Can you please advise on a workable solution?
  11. 1960 complaint I have owned an ATV1960 for nearly two years now and I am sad to say that Geniatech and MyGica appear to have failed with support for this Android Media Player. This model was their top of the line and the current OS continues to fail/freze multiple times daily but support has not come with many updates or corrections and it appears via a search that BB have stopped it's sale (hmmm). I have found another box that appears to be identical in every spec but now carries another manufactures brand so maybe that is where it went along with any support but still hoping for a NEW glitch-less OS update beyond 7.1.2! Not angry, simply disappointed.... PS. Thank goodness my 1800e with 4.4.2 still works well!
  12. Beverley

    DRM error

    No response from Mygica it appears!!
  13. Jitz

    DRM error

    Are we still waiting for a response to this?
  14. I have the same problem. Have you had any solution?
  15. Earlier
  16. No response from support? Hi, I've been trying to get support for my 495Max since it seems to have bricked in April. I took it to the store and the store were I bought it from but they couldn't get it past the Android screen but suggested I contact MyGica since I purchased it in May 31st, 2019 and it was still under warranty. I used the website and left a message with my contact information and the problem with my unit. I just sent them an email and now I'm hoping to get a response from the MyGica via the forum. Anything else we can do to get our unit fixed or replaced? Dave
  17. Hi @Milan - Syntech , Can you please send me the FW and steps as well!? Let me know how I may send you my details, but did enter my email address before commenting.. Regards, Mo
  18. My solution is to download the new version of the app at mod apk app, which will definitely help you solve the problem.
  19. I am having the same problem with you
  20. For that I used this tutorial to force install IT9910 as a video scource https://windowsreport.com/the-best-driver-software-is-already-installed-windows-10/
  21. Are there any updates on this?
  22. @zxl That link gives a "The file you are trying to download is no longer available" error. @Baldjy posted a ZIP file containing drivers in another thread, but I had no luck getting those drivers to work. See:
  23. Atv495max Android 9 Netflix Hi, managed to install Android 9 on my ATV495MAX, working perfectly. Any update or news on how to install Netflix for android tv 9. Will appreciate any help. Kind Regards CJ
  24. @almudineto There is a recent post with drivers over in this thread: I haven't had any luck getting OBS or VLC to work though. If you do manage to get this working, please post as I think there are a few people that would be interested
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