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ATV 520E

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1 file

  1. ATV520E-Factory-Files.zip

    - Added Miracast (Please note this works on all makes and models which support miracast, except Samsung right now, due to Samsung requiring an HDCP Key for miracast, which requires a hardware chip to be in the box for HDCP)
    - Improved DLNA support for Android, Windows and MAC OSX Devices. This can be activated within the new Media Center App
    - Improved Android OS is Faster and more stable performance
    - Removed some pre-installed apps, which are not needed
    - More available memory after the upgrade
    - Auto Detect for resolution on HDMI and RCA outputs. (Please note Component Video no longer works on this upgrade)
    - Improved XBMC faster and more stable performance
    - Fixed XBMC Add-on shortcuts disappearing
    - Fixed XBMC keyboard functions when using an external USB keyboard, you can now use all keyboard buttons on a keyboard remote
    - Fixed XBMC display 4:3 videos as 16:9 always
    - Fixed Gmail app not syncing Gmail contacts
    - Upgraded Netflix APP to better support IR remotes
    - Holding down the Power Button on your Remote Control will now allow you to select "STANDBY MODE" or "REBOOT"
    - Added second launcher (Official Android)
    How to process the steps:
    1. Unzip the file 
    2. Format your MicroSD to FAT32
    3. Drag and drop all the files from inside zip to root of your MicroSD card
    4. hook up it to your ATV520E
    5. Make sure your HDMI is connected
    6. hold a pin to reset, at the bottom of the unit
    7. while holding the reset, hook up the power and hold for 15seconds
    8. you will see the android guy, and give it 2 minutes
    your box will boot back to Normal, 
    NOTE: processing this will wipe your device




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