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Here is Beta Firmware to upgrade your ATV 585/600 to Android 5.1

You can install this normally using an SD Card or USB drive and the pre-installed upgrade app.

This does not require the reset button like before, however, if you would like to you can load this through the Recovery Menu as well.

Just extract the IMG file from the zip folder and move it to a USB drive or SD Card that is formatted to FAT32.


- This is our MyGica version of Android 5.1 and not Android Stock version like we offered before. 
This has been worked on for awhile now.

Change Logs:

1. Updated to KODI 17.3
2. Updated Google Play Services
3. Faster Performance 
4. Fixed Mac Address changing 
5. Turned off click sounds when browsing through the Home Screen + Android Settings
6. Fixed Screensaver issue when watching a video
7. Improved video playback
8. Improved standby issues as best we could. There is not much more we can do about this issue.



 Mygica is not responsible for damage to the unit outside of the 1 year warranty period.


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Martin Stander

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Been using this version on both my 582s. There are quite a few issues I have picked up, and it is quite irritating.

  1.  The "Date and Time" settings are buggy. Sometimes, when selected for Auto, then it puts the date as 1970. Switch to manual and it is a PITA to get it set properly. Then, for no reason at all, it works on Auto again. Apps does not work properly if the date and time is not correct.
  2. Browser app would open, then try and do something, and then just closes itself, without you getting the time to input search criteria. Been trying to update Kodi to 17.4, but can not keep the browser open for long enough.
  3. The same can be said for Playstore. Just closes itself randomly.
  4. The worst part of this update is that streaming is a hit and miss affair. I can be in an add-on and stream fine one night. Next night I want to watch another movie, and movie starts without sound, or no picture while time counts up. No apparent explanation why it happens. Only thing to do is reboot Mygica. Then the same movie, same stream, works fine. Initially I thought my fibre line was wonky, but speedtests showed all fine. This is maybe the worst part of the update.
  5. Last thing, sometimes when watching an episode, at the end I press STOP and the the back button once, then Mygica goes totally out of add-on. Also quite irritating.


I personally don't think this version is stable at all. Needs lots of work

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Unfortunately all went well right through to the Lollipop sign coming up and the MyGica Logo loading, but then it did nothing more and I now appear to have a box which does not work and I can't access anything to try again. It seems no applications loaded and I gave it half an hour or more!

Looks like I now need to put the box in the skip, which is what I had to do with the last one because it decided it would neither connect to the Internet by WiFi or Lan cable!

Very disappointed!



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Box freezes, very slow and no root. Had to installATV585-Factory-Restore.zip 1.0.0

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I have been sing this firmware upgrade for a few weeks and I find it to exceed my expectations. Only problem I have encountered is the issue with the clock needing to be reset.

Updated to 17.4 recently with no hitch via the built-in play store. Very easy to do as all you need is to click on the update button for the Kodi app. 



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Very easy to install using the usb and upgrade app, working well for me. It froze a couple of times but seems to be working well now. :D 

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