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    There is an ATV 9.0 Pie firmware for the MyGica ATV 495MAX. Geniatech, MyGica's mother company still sells this same identical box so download the firmware before their link is gone ! https://shop.geniatech.us/download/software-for-geniatech-android-box/
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    If you are using a MyGica 495 PRO or 1900 PRO you can manually install this Netflix TV app. It will be much easier to use a remote as it uses the 10 foot interface It also gets you up to 1080P HD. 1. Download it and move onto a USB drive or SD Card. 2. Insert into your MyGica box 3. Use the Pre Installed app "App Installer" to install it. com.netflix.ninja_3.3.2_build_1530-1530_minAPI22(armeabi-v7a,x86)(nodpi)_MOD.apk
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