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  1. It's because MyGica boxes are not Google certified....
  2. Thanks Justin, Initially the OS7.1 used the MAC address as printed on the box but then suddenly from 2 weeks ago it uses a 00:90:4C:16:70:01. I used a android program to check the MAC. The program still read the original MAC correctly, but the OS7.1 is reported it wrongly. I accept there will not be any updates. maybe I will reinstall the OS7.1
  3. It is now permanantly on MAC 00:90:4C:16:70:01 and can't get the original MAC back. What the heck is going on now????
  4. It was only on wifi. I do not use Ethernet. Today after a reboot the old(original) MAC is back. The spoofing one was this MAC 00:90:4C:16:70:01 and according to google searches a very common spoofing address. Very strange
  5. 1900Pro OS7.1 spoofing MAC addresses at power up? I have got this now a few times that after power up the box the 1900Pro assigns a new MAC address with the OS7.1 Firmware. I run a strict firewall with MAC filtering and it get annoying. Is there a way that MyGica can fix this please. Regards
  6. Justin Any news on the new 7.1F/W . It's now been months later after it was said its going tot take 2 weeks for the update. Is there still a commitment from MyGica's side? If not please make the source code available for some of the s/w skilled people on the group. Maybe we can get to a stable 7.1 soon. Regards Jalize
  7. Justin When can we expect an update on the 7.1 Beta F/W ? Its now almost 7 months after the last Beta. kind Regards Jalize
  8. Almost 2 weeks after the last status update. Any update on this or can we use the 1900Pro's firmware to update.?
  9. Any updates to this question Justin
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