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  1. Does Kodi 17.6 work well on 1900 PRO Can someone confirm Kodi 17.6 works well on the 1900 Pro (the last last version of Krypton) . I have seen various posts saying to keep Kodi updated, but then have seen other posts where some people are reporting problems with audio pass through with Kodo 17.5 and problems with 17.6. I am still running Kodi 16.1 with no problems (an OS version 4.1.1). I am also running pass through over HDMI to my Samsung Smart TV (KS8000) and then over SPDIF optical to my old Yamaha AV receiver. I know I can update to Kodi 17.6 and then revert back to 16.1, but would rather know before hand if there are problems with jumppy video play back or pass through audio?
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