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  1. That is great news. Now just to get it updated to android 9 Ota. Glad that I packed it away instead of tossing it.
  2. I don't think it's a google issue. Just before lockdown, I bought an ematic 4k media player- because the 495max Netflix support was just never going to happen. It's done all its updates and chromecast is working just fine. Since you've had no response here, you can safely assume that mygica aren't going to fix anything. in fact, I don't think that they will even launch any new boxes anymore. I have a feeling that they are busy rebranding or perhaps even closing down. Much the same as the mede8er boxes just lost support and dissapeared. And that's sad, because I've had 3 mygica boxes. The 495pro still working just fine and playing Netflix.
  3. I want to just confirm - did you install version 9 of Android tv? Is it the version that is available on geniatech website? Is it stable and working properly? The last I read, was not to install it...
  4. so heres an interesting thing. I did a factory data reset and dont have "Chromecast" on my list of apps. "2. Go to apps; 3. Select “chromecast” 4. Select “force stop” & confirm. I went to play store and disabled "Auto update of apps" and updated all the normal apps, with the exception of Chromecast. Anyone else find this?
  5. I bought an ematic Netflix box. It's got android tv9. Google certified and also Netflix certified. Surprisingly has the same specs as my 495max, yet running Android 9 and certified for all the stuff a person needs. Stopped wasting my time with this brand though. They were once very good--and had regular updates and actually cared about aftersales. I have had 3 of there boxes in the past. The 495 max is sure to be my last. No support, no updates, no development.
  6. Yip. Never been fixed. Push the power button once and leave it. Best work around...
  7. Netflix? I still have this box and wondering if there is any news on Netflix support for it? I have actually resorted to using my old 495 pro in the meantime.
  8. 495max Netflix update? So... Another year is almost finished. Any news on the Netflix install for the 495max or should I just donate the box to the resident bag scratcher? Recently installed Fibre at home and canceled dstv. To be honest, I'm very disappointed that mygica aren't concerned about this issue...
  9. Nearly 2020... Any news on this topic? Or time to just turf the mygica brand?
  10. anyone done this? im too scared to brick my box...
  11. Hi. It's the 495 max. I think it's android 7.1.2 and the standard Bluetooth remote with voice control. Since I have changed the setting back to 'sleep now' on the device - the remote will wake it. But if is shutdown and the red light is on, the remote will not do anything. Let me know if I should return the device - although everything works perfectly. It's just the power button issue.
  12. Remote Power Button after full shutdown I Bought a unit this week. Noticed something odd... Changed the remote power button setting on the device to "Power off" device when pushed. After a shutdown- the remote will not power the unit on at all (red light to blue). However, the remote works fine when the setting is changed to "Sleep". The same happens when holding the power button in and selecting "Power off"- it refuses to start the device up again after a complete shutdown. I have unpaired and re- paired the remote- no success. You physically have to pull the power plug out and reinsert it to wake the device and have operation of the remote again. Just a weird one and wondering if there is a known issue.
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