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  1. Same here. About two years ago the KR-303 suddenly stop working and keep like that for about a year, after that it suddenly start working again and earlier this 2022 passed away again, anyway my atv1960 keep freezing always since I bought it, pretty frustrated with this brand. I bought a a95x and it's like a paradise in comparison.
  2. HI all. As Jay said, in the download section for this one it says that THIS IS NOT FOR ATV495, well, I got an ATV495 that since three years (when I bought it) never work decently, is TOO SLOW, so I'm not using it, but anyway I need to feel that I've not waste my money... So, is there any new update for ATV495? Keep waiting but at this time, already out of patience nor hope....
  3. Hi there Justin and sorry for the late reply! I've never get a notification on this. I've took a look but the only thing I found to download is firmwares and upgrades for other versions of ATV495, just like ATV495PRO and so... Could you help me with some link? As I said my ATV495 has still android 5.1 and it's really impossible to use because is TOO SLOW, and not only now, it was since the first day I bought it, in fact the first thing I've done then (almost three years ago when I bough it) was a factory reset to check if like that it goes some faster but NEVER EVER work decently, so if there any kind of recent update, I beg you to help me. Thanks in advance!
  4. HI all. Could anybody tell me if I the installation of the new Android 7.1 would delete the apps or any other information in my ATV1960? In that case, is there's any app to make a full baclup of my apps before updating? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi people of Mygica. I have an ATV495 for about two years running with Android 5.1 and still never an update/updraded fw? This box is almost unusable, very slow and i've had made claims over here in the past with no answer at all wich it's pritty frustrating... I've also have an ATV1960 for about one year and a half and no updates or upgrades either, but in this case at least the box works fine, though the remote control stop works for about a year since i've purchased it, but it looks like fixed now. I'd like to know if there will be an firmware upgrade for the 495 wich is like a brick... Sorry for that description but i'm tired of the horrible slowy of it performance. Any good news from you coming soon?.
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