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  1. HI. I just uploaded the firmware suggested by you in a previous post and is not recognizing the PAL signal. I talked with the C-Arm (an x-ray machine) factory engineer and he told that this model uses a PAL signal to feed the monitors. I attached a video file showing the connection and the lack of video signal detection. Proyecto_sin_título-SD_para_dispositivos_Apple.m4v
  2. Hi, is this firmware the latest from mygica? Did this firmware resolve the “not detecting Pal N “ problem?
  3. Can you look into your email?, maybe is there buried.
  4. HI, yes I was having problem with 2.0 usb flash drives, the recording process stoped very often and when I was able to successfully finish the recording I can never start a new one without unplugging the capturer from the power source. This issue was fixed changing to a 3.0 flash drive, no more interrupt and severals recording in a row. But I always stop the recording (with the REC button) before unplugging or turning off the video source. My WhatsApp number is +5493644681919 if you want to contact me.
  5. Hi, I still the same issue recording a Pal N signal, the Magyca didn't detect the video signal, the orange led keeps blinking all the time. I gave up.
  6. Hola mrrbaires. la verdad es que desistí en capturar esa señal, mucho lío conseguir el transcoder (tenía uno y lo tiré porque no necesitaba). Usa un penseive usb 3.0, eso soluciona cualquier problema de corte de captura. Anda muy bien todo salvo por el pal N.
  7. Hi zxl The problem is very simple, I have a PAL composite video signal which is not detected by the HD CAP X, the signal go to the yellow port but the yellow led in the HD CAP X stays blinking all the time. I have not problem with a composite NTSC signal, the led go steady yellow and the capturer works fine but not work with a pal signal.
  8. Hi, im from Argentina too and im having the same problem with the PAL signal in the CVBS input. How did you work around this problem?
  9. problem detecting PAL on RCA composite Hi to everyone. Im having problem detecting a PAL (I don't know if this signal is PAL N or B) signal on the RCA composite input, yellow led alway blink. The capturer work fine detecting NTSC on the same input, hdmi, etc. Can anyone help me?
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