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  1. Yes, I am referring to the 7.1 Update
  2. The newest firmware update from february fixed my root issue with hbo go. Also the box seem to run faster!
  3. I've tried this new patch, but it doesn't seem to fix my issue. It also turns the ATV 495x to portrait mode sometimes. It gets fixed after I turn it off and on again. Google Translated: Я пробовал этот новый патч, но он, похоже, не исправил мою проблему. Он также превращает ATV 495x в портретный режим иногда. Он фиксируется после того, как я выключу его и снова включи.
  4. Hey logovo, that seems to be a root patch, not an un-root patch wich is waht I'm looking for. On the other hand, maybe my device is not actually rooted from factory and Hbo Go (latin-american version from googleplay, I live in Argentina) just thinks it is, as I installed a root chequer and it says my 495x is not rooted. Any ideas are apreciated.
  5. Can someone point me in the right direction? All I could find was an old topic about another model with poisbly broken links to a root patch.
  6. How to un-root ATV 495x? I've recently bought a 495x for my parents, but HBO Go can't be used because the device seems to be rooted. How do I go around to un-root it? Cheers.
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