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  1. For arturoJGT : Supongo que quisiste decir ´'Pendrive 3.0". Capturabas VHS con cables RCA? (CVBS)? Nunca se te cortó la grabación ante un salto (o blanco) de la cinta? te referis a eso cuando decis que con un Pen Drive 3.0 se soluciona? Gracias . Te paso mi dirección para futuros contactos : mrrbaires@hotmail.com Translate: I'm asking Arturo if with a PenDrive 3.0 he has good captures from VHS via CVBS connection. I have the issue when I capture in the same way, HD Cap X stops recording with any breaks in the source (or non grabbed tape) video signal , and, when the device looses track of the picture, (even if they are few seconds). it stops recording and never restart ther recording and I have to rewind the tape, and record manually again.... loosing many time. Can anybody help to fix this issue?
  2. Hi everybody: (sorry for my english) : I'll try to translate the previous conversations, angela.xu I bougth HD Cap X for digitalizing my VHS tapes. I´m not very happy with the results.... In Argentina, we use PAL 'N', we need a transcoder box for adapting it to PAL 'B' to capture correctly. i' had the same problem as arturojgt, when the source tape is PAL 'N' norm , the video captured by HD Cap X, is in black & white. For fixing it , I use a transcoder and the signal is ok (in color). I hope have been understood.
  3. Hola Arturo ... soy de Argentina... supongo que vos también. Tuve el mismo problema, ya que quise digitalizar VHS PAL 'N' y la capturadora (al igual que el 99% de las que conozco, solo captura PAL 'B'. Supongo que verás los videos en blanco y negro... si es así deberías conseguir un aparato llamado TRANSCODER para normalizar la señal. Avisame si es así (o no). Atte. In Argentina, we use PAL 'N', we need a transcoder for adapting it to PAL 'B' to capture correctly.
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