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  1. Hi zxl, I have the same problem and to add info in my case, personally I use a Western Digital external HD 2TB with 3.0 (but on TV surely the ports are 2.0 I guess). But for example when I capture from a digital television decoder with cbvs out and hdmi out: CVBS captures are black and white with blue vertical lines HDMI captures are in full colour It sounds the cbvs are not matching with our PAL N (Argentina), could be correct this with a new firmware upgrade? I read people with the same problem capturing from vhs tapes by cbvs
  2. Firmware update fail? Hi, I´m trying to install this firmware, the last I found here in the support zone: hdcap 最新firmware.img I used this method found in this forum: Here are some steps: 1.copy firmware file jedi.img to usb disk 2.plug on usb disk to HDCAP X 3.power on HDCAP X 4.Rec LED will blink few second during flashing rom 5.power off and power on HDCAP new firmware will take effect! ----- Is this the latest firmware for the HD CAP X? I follow those steps connecting an external hard drive with no files inside, only the firmware file is in the hd, but never the rec light is on automatically indicating the firmware update. And never the file is erased, so I supose the firmware update did not work. When I connect the hd only the hdmi blue light blinks (I try this with no cables connected, only the usb cable and the power cable). I wait your answer, please.
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