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  1. I use my hard drive with Xiaomi Mi TV and when it is inactive it does not work, it's fine. In Mygica it continues working. it seems Firmware problem.
  2. USB external hard drive NO Sleep USB external hard drive does not go to sleep when it is without activity. Mygica 1960 7.1 v1.2
  3. I updated!!!!!!!!!!!! I use pendrive and change sdcard by udisk in the file.
  4. Yes, that file download. About: Build: MyGica S912v1.10 Serial MM12009xxxxxxxx Version: 6.01 Patch level: August 1. 2016
  5. I go to recovery ... and I get an error when updating: "this is for S9 and you have S912" (the file is downloaded from the downloads section of this forum)
  6. I am in South America and the update says: server fail ... I have it for 1 year and the seller does not know anything (USD150..ufff) and even with android 6
  7. My Mygica atv1960 is blocked for updates (fraud) .. it has android 6.0 (3 years old) in the download section there is a file (7.1) with instructions that uses the recovery method.
  8. How do I enter Recovery mode? Hi!!!! How do I enter recovery mode? I want to update from the file that is in the download section, and mygica1960 does not have a restart button In the back. Thanks
  9. I have Mygica atv1960 with Android 6.0.1, I do not receive the update
  10. KR-303 doubt Hi: I have the KR-303 remote control, I charge 3 hours and the first red light always flashes. This indicate need more load? (Migica 1960).
  11. zkuweb

    CPU temperature

    the cooling system is bad for eight cores.
  12. zkuweb

    CPU temperature

    Excellent support, never answered ..... you should do a test stressing the cpu with CPU THROTTLING app (play store) ... so you would see how long your 1960 will be ..... in configuration click temperature and leave the test at least 10 minutes ... .Expose your maximum temperature here ..regards.
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