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  1. Can I take the box somehwere to be checked out?
  2. No, I am copying the apks onto the sd card so I can install from there. the reason why I BOUGHT a card is because I do not have one. So, unless this can be fixed I have a sd card thatis pretty much useless.
  3. ...and I can't exactly return the card to the shop. Should the box simply pick it up and read from it, or is there something that needs to be done?
  4. I can, but I bought the sd card for this reason. The usb ports are being used by the air mouse and my hdd.
  5. Thanks! It does not appear in file manager, and works great on my laptop from which I copied the apk's to the sd card.
  6. 495x not reading SD Card Hi! I bought a micro SD card to install apps from apk's. However, the box does not read the sd card. It reads an external hdd just fine. The card is formatted for FAT32. Please help.
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