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  1. Thank you Justin will test and revert back much appreciated
  2. cant believe i actually bought this product because they support, updates and service they brag about is nothing like the real thing .
  3. Hi, so many poeple all over many forums are waiting for this update pls can you find out what's the delay.. The cheaper models have the later firmware and some even older can update to 7.1+ we were told when we purchased this that mygiga are the leaders in this field and they are not like the competition that almost never provide support or updates... Pls can mygiga adress this problem...
  4. hi is there anyone from MyGica that can respond its been almost a week and i dont even get a response when i email support locally
  5. ATV 495 PRO Firmware upgrade OS 7.1.2 The ATV 495 pro model was the latest when i bought it, other than the ATV 1960 i tried using the pro hdr firmware but to no avail, system says package is for "stvs9" and not "stvm9" The ATV495x was the cheaper model and i decided to buy the pro model that was recommended and more expensive ! now the cheaper models already run ver 6.0 and higher, even 7.1.2 but still no update for the pro model runnnig on the very old 5.1 ????? pls when will the new upgrade be available to 7.1.2 or even 6.0 ?? i have read many forums of people requesting the latest firmware for this model to 7.1.2 and many people as was i told by the sellers that the product can be updated to 6.0 like the ATV495x or higher but to no avail this seems to have been all over just a sales gimmick pls advice
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