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  1. Hi sorry for my late response I followed your steps removed USB held vol+ and page+ the light was blinking fast plugged USB back in and it stopped for half a second and just slow blinks now when i press any buttons
  2. I’ve tried that there’s no blue light in the middle unless I’m using the microphone the which is not working because the remote won’t connect only the red light on the left just still flashes like it did before following those steps multiple times turning remote on and off switching USB ports resetting android box charging still nothing
  3. Mygica KR-303 stopped working I purchased a mygica KR-303 remote in June for my Buzztv XPL 3000 the remote worked flawlessly with no issues untill the other day the remote will not respond no matter what besides the on off button. I only use the charger that came with the remote and tried a few others just incase as well as let charge for at least an hour I tried switched USB ports and resetting the box still nothing also tried plugging the remote into my laptop and still nothing the red light on the top left next to the power button just flashes, after taxes and shipping I spent over $50 on this remote to have it break in only 2 months, I’ve only ever bought mygica and buzztv android boxes and accessories because the quality, product, and support have always been amazing and never let me down untill this remote any ideas on how I can fix this or if mygica would replace it? Thanks.
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