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  1. It is under a year old. i bought in in Sep 2018. I took it back to the store just before Christmas and I was given a new unit from brand new stock that arrived from Mygica suppliers in China. All these issues are on the new unit. I am going to take it back again as i have spoken to the technicians and they have offered a refund or another exchange. I am unsure which option to take as I am not too familiar with other brands yet.
  2. I have loaded the latest firmware as supplied by the agents and still have the problem. Just getting fed up with this model. Android 6 the network port worked but no DTS sound, Android 7 the DTS worked but then the network port got disabled. Reported to Mygica, a few months later they fixed the firmware and DTS and network port works, but it still loses HDMI signal. The unit sometimes buffers and hangs while watching a movie from external HD. Sometimes it just freezes and i have to unplug the unit. Fast forwarding a movie or TV series and the screen goes blank and it hangs for about 5 seconds before the picture comes back, and yes I have set the settings to have no delay when fast forwarding.
  3. Yes I have tried various different cables. No difference.
  4. That was the first thing I tried. It made no difference.
  5. The only thing that seems to work is if I power the unit down to standby mode after use. When we want to watch anything, I have to switch on my tv first, then my Denon amp, switch the amp's input to media player and then power on the 1960. If I forget to power off to standby or full power off after use, it's lost signal when i switch the tv on. If i switch the components on in any other order than described here then the 1960 does not get signal and I have to reboot by unplugging the unit's power cable.
  6. I have done a factory reset recently as it was not picking up the internal hdd or the external hdd's. After the reset it picked up all the drives correctly, but the loss of signal still persists. I will have a look at the videos you suggested. Thanks
  7. Through ES. The ftp option. Is there a better way? Quite new to this. Had a Mede8er before and all the drives were shown on the Home network as network drives. But mygica works different. It has lost sugnal again today during the course of the day. It's really frustrating and I'm thinking of returning the unit to the store.
  8. Thanks for that info. I did find the setting and CEC was switched off. Can ES File manager be causing issues? I use that to share the media folders on the external drives connected to the unit, on the home network. I will keep monitoring it though. Thanks
  9. Seems like I spoke too soon. I got home this afternoon and the signal was lost, so I had to reboot again. Where do you find the CEC setting on the box? I have been through all the settings and I do not see any SCS settings, unless I am missing something somewhere.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention that my tv is a LG and that the LG Simplink is switched off. It seem if I leave it on the home screen it stays active. It's been on for 3 days now without losing signal.
  11. Tv losing signal through hdmi on 1960 Hi. I have had my 1960 for about a month now. From the beginning I have been having the problem where the signal to the tv through hdmi gets lost. This happens when the tv is switched off for a few hours, overnight or during the day when we are at work. I then need to unplug the power cord and reboot the unit every time this happens. I have set the unit to not go into standby mode. I have changed hdmi cables. I have tried different hdmi ports on the tv. It happens when Kodi is running in the foreground or if I leave the home screen in the foreground. ES file manager is also running mostly, could that app be problematic? Is there anyone that experienced this as well and found a solution?
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