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  1. Here you go, one of the only places where you can get the Android 9.0 version of the firmware. https://shop.geniatech.us/download/software-for-geniatech-android-box/
  2. You need to upgrade the firmware using the Amlogic Burning Tool instead of using the SD Card method.
  3. You will need an AML version of the firmware for the ATV 582 that you can flash withe Amlogic USB Burning Tool. The SD card update version will not work if your box has a soft brick. So far I can't seem to find a copy of it available online so far.
  4. An img file is now available, just check my threads in the ATV 495PRO HDR section for the link !
  5. I think I finally solved the mystery to why these MyGica 495 Series boxes are absolutely horrendous with WiFi throughput. I have never seen any Android media player box in my over 10 years of experience in using them that has this issue. Even using my 10 year old Minix NEO G4 stick I never had this issue. With these MyGica ATV 495 Series boxes you can get a strong 100% WiFi signal which absolutely means nothing because the throughput can be almost 0.00Mbps ! It must has something to do with the Ampak AP6255 ac WiFi chip used in these boxes and the internal WiFi antenna placement in these series of boxes which I think is a monumental design flaw. Placing your box just 1/2" every which way can mean 0.25Mbps or full 25.0Mbps download/upload throughput speeds, also try raising the box 1/4" can make such detrimental difference in WiFi performance as well ! This was replicated on 3 separate MyGica ATV 495PRO HDR boxes with the same outcome.
  6. I have a link for the stock version 7.1.2 for the ATV 1960 in the ATV 495PRO HDR thread
  7. Wi-Fi Speeds Fluctuating Anyone notice their WiFi speeds/bandwidth throughput fluctuating with these MyGica ATV 495 series boxes ? I first thought it was just one of my boxes, but then I got the same issue with three other ATV 495PRO HDR boxes with stock 6.0.1 and 7.1.2 v1.0, 7.1.2 v1.2 and even custom firmwares as well. I would get full download and upload speeds once I flash the firmware, but then over a few hours it would be at half the designated speeds until it is down to like a crawl at 0.35Mbps down/up. I thought it might be overheating issue so I unplugged the power adapter for a few hours to let it cool down, but still I only get half the designated speeds. I know it's not my router because I ran the test at the same location with my Minix U1, Minix U9 and Minix U22 and none of them has any speed drops.
  8. AML Firmware For ATV495PROHDR/ATV495XHDR/ATV329X/ATV1960 Okay, I finally got my hands on the AML Android 7.1.2 version of this firmware, something no one on these forums has gotten so far ! You will need the Amlogic USB Burning Tool to flash your box as this will be the only way to unbrick your box if a SD card update failedaml_upgrade_package S905X_7.1_20180822 .img ! Should work for the following boxes: ATV495PRO HDR ATV495X ATV 329X ATV1960 https://mega.nz/file/ck9wnJKC#gGK_gJOdBW2agRokogYTVYblS0KOtJT7X8ItwNdvKwM
  9. EdT586

    Android TV 9

    Aidan's ROM v8.0 ATV 9.0 will work on the ATV 495X HDR, but you will not have use of the IR part of the stock remote like Power On/Off nor will you have WiFi, but will work well with Ethernet.
  10. Are you sure it's not the ATV 495X ? Cause i don't think the 485X exists ! Maybe the reason you packed it away was because you bricked it back then, because the box does not brick by itself in storage. If you pressed on the Power On/Off button and it stays red this means the box was brick during a firmware update. You can try updating the firmware again via the SD card, but I doubt that would revive it as MyGica is infamous for not supplying an AML firmware that you can flash with the USB Burning Tool should all else fails. If you are connecting via Ethernet then there are options in using a custom ROM, otherwise you're screwed !
  11. The trick in getting the USB Burning Tool to pair with the box is to not plug the power adapter in at the beginning. Just inserting the USB cable will provide power to the box to flash, once it starts flashing plug the power adapter in so it has enough constant power to complete the flash. With some of the firmware you do not need to press the Power button while inserting the USB cable, but pressing down on the Power button and then inserting the USB cable is good for all versions. So this is how you should do it for the 495 series of boxes (ATV 495PRO, ATV 495PRO HDR, ATV 495X HDR and ATV 495MAX) 1. Open the USB Burning Tool and load up the firmware img file you want to flash 2. Pressing down on the Power button insert the USB cable into your PC and it should pair up, you can release the Power button once it does 3. Press Start and it should start flashing 4. Plug in the power adapter 5. Flashing should take about 5-1/2 to 6-1/2 minutes depending on the firmware version you are flashing 6. Once it shows "100% Successfully Burning" Press Stop and unplug the USB cable 7. Next unplug the power adapter, wait 5 seconds and plug it back again to reboot the box 8. The box should reboot and start installing the new firmware, do not unplug power adapter at this point and wait around 6 minutes before it finishes installing
  12. You can only untick CheckIMG with v2.1.6.8 of the USB Burning Tool. You cannot untick CheckIMG with other UBT version !
  13. There is an ATV 9.0 Pie firmware for the MyGica ATV 495MAX. Geniatech, MyGica's mother company still sells this same identical box so download the firmware before their link is gone ! https://shop.geniatech.us/download/software-for-geniatech-android-box/
  14. For reference if someone else got the same symptom. You can revive your ATV 495PRO HDR or AT V 495X HDR with another custom ROM, you can never go back to the stock MyGica Android 6.0.1 or 7.1.2 ROM since MyGica never released an AML version of the firmware for both these boxes. I recommend using Aidan's Custom ATV ROMs which will turn your MyGica box into an Android TV box. These are the two ROMs I experimented with and are a good match for both the ATV 495PRO HDR or AT V 495X HDR. You will not have function of the IR features of the stock remote, but every thing else with the air mouse part. Android 7.1.2: [v7.5] (UNIVERSAL) Aidan's ROM [S905X] 1GB 2GB+.img Android 9.0 : [v8] Aidan's ROM [S905X] [ATV 9] (Ampak APxxxx Multi Wi-Fi).img
  15. Did you flash it successfully ? I would not flash it from the stock Android 6.0.1 to Android 7.1.2 if MyGica has not release the AML version of the firmware. I can speak from experience with 6x ATV 495PRO HDR in my possession that I have 2x boxes brick due to upgrading this firmware via the micro SD Card method. Two bricks out of six is a not a good record !
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