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  1. Try to search on google: "service mode" Sony Trinitron. You will find videos and instructions about how to enter that menu, depending on the model. Good luck.
  2. Hi. I use an atv1220 (atv1200+dvb tunner) and it works perfectly on my old CRT TV. Probably the firmware is similar, but not 100% compatible so I recommend you not to try it. If you can't modify your atv1200 try to find the "engineer menu" on your TV. It can help you.
  3. Try to use another SD card for updates. I had problems with SDHC cards, but I success with an old 512 MB standard SD card. Good luck
  4. It is working... IT IS WORKING!!! My ATV1220 can read optical discs using XBMC with a simple USB storage unit... This is absoulutely great!!! Now I have a DVD & Bluray player (because I have a Bluray/DVD USB unit) This means we have not to buy the famous Samsung USB DVD unit whica uses AV mode. We can use our old unit with an USB cable. I can't have my ATV device using /storage/external_storage/sr0 as a native DVD unit, but I can navigate DVD folders and play VIDEO_TS files, wich is great. I've ask in XBMC (now Kodi) forums about this and I hope they can help me (http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=206717). Seriously, this ATV device is great... it will replace my home cinema soon or later!!
  5. Tested and not working. I'm back in my ATV1220 firmware. ATV1200 firmware + DVBService.apk = a lot of errors and DVB not working. I hope you can do anything about this incompatibility but I think you will only focus in ATV1200 support... and I understand. Anyway I will keep following this topic because any development in ATV1200 means ATV1220 can be updated too...
  6. Hi Yes Firmware for ATV 1200 and ATV1220-T are 2 different firmwares. The ATV-1220T has the DVB-T tuner pre installed into the box, so therefore requires different firmware for it. However it is based on the ATV 1200 motherboard, so that is probably why the upgrade worked for you. Sorry but we do not carry the ATV 1220T model in North America, as it does not work for us here, as we use ATSC Please send an email to our partner in china, support@mygica.com and they will assist you with providing you with the latest firmware files for the ATV 1220T so you can get it working for what you purchased it for. I'm an atv1220 owner and now I have android 4.2.2 running on my device (beta version, but runs great). If you finally hadn't support from Migyca email, here you have more info: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1918 My next step: Try an atv1200 firmware and manually install DVB-T apks (can be extracted from atv1220 firmware). If it works I could install OTA updates and then reinstall DVB apks every time I install an atv1200 firmware update. But it doesn't work, I'll install back other firmware. I want to make a suggestion for next firmware: As in linux, is there anyway to modify android kernel and add iso9660 & UDF support? I only know one device that supports this feature, but as the modifier says, it looks easy: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthr ... ?t=2230059 This would make atv1200 first tv box set with DVD/CD support using any USB DVD/CD unit. Best regards and congratulations for your job.
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