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  1. Mine still has the same problem. No facilities in South Africa to get it fixed. It's now just a paper weight. I've replaced 90% of my TV with Smart TV's. Will never waist my time with a TV box again. If you are in South Africa, contact Corpconnect.co.za in Johannesburg for amazing Smart TV Specials.
  2. Thank you for your response. 'Only problem is, I'm in South Africa and the device is 22 days out of warranty. Is there a way I can try to un-brick it myself? Thanks again for all your help.
  3. Hi there. I tried to do a firmware update, but had a power failure during the process. Now I cannot hard reset or reload firmware. I have the 495 Pro. I downloaded the factory firmware from your website, format to FAT32 (1GIG SD Card) and copied the image on the root. Pulled Power and held down the Power Button while plugging back in, with the SD Card inserted...but nothing. The display stays dead and I left it on for more that 15min. (Not sure how long the firmware installation takes). I'm now at a dead end. Please can someone assist? Thank you. P.S. Definitely not a hardware issue. Have been working fine until I tried the stupid update. Thank you.
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