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  1. Now i tried to record using mygica HD-XII to my flashdisk. but it was doesn't work. is I need software in my flashdisk?
  2. The usb port in the HD cap X-2 or usb port in the computer?
  3. my computer 64bit. I use HDMI source for input and microusb for output to computer.
  4. when I tried this driver https://mega.nz/#!KuhHBZgL!WpBz3zvS4V1GTnOf6AgKZDbF66Gx72oNrHsh_eRTpfY its was interrupted. when I tried this driver https://mega.nz/#!fvg2HSiS!priDXnkgDzf8wTjECIaPW3OYwMUHdBNT5bKSkFLkXMk with your step still didn't work and the obs cant detect the device
  5. I have to follow all of this steps, but it's still didn't work. please give the another solution
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