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  1. By the looks of it probably never
  2. Ha ha ha. These guys never respond. If f you can return it you should.
  3. Is anyone elses Netflix up to nonsense? Looks like something happened?
  4. Can this device be returned for a refund as it was falsely advertised with Netflix?
  5. ATV495Max Firmware Update Hi. Please can someone advise on the firmware update for the ATV495Max. It's been 2years coming and Netflix is running a 2015 version. Please advise.
  6. Is the support teams reply to actual support issues optional now? I posted this morning and no one has responded to anything. If you know there's an issue just give us details or close this support site and we'll deal with the supplier directly. Even if you have no useful information - which you very rarely have- at the very least say someone's looking into it. I'm not sure who's the bigger idiots, the support team or us the users for buying this crap in the first place.
  7. ReddyK


    Hi guys. Any idea on how to resolve or when elite will be resolved. This kind of the worst time given the Corona Lockdown.
  8. @delacosta78 Is there an update on this?
  9. @admin Is this ever going to be fixed? Just be honest. If you guys say no, we will begrudgingly accept.
  10. Probably never. Support here shouldn't work in anything resembling support. The company really shouldn't exist if it's selling defective products with literally no support. These guys post the same unhelpful crap over and over, expecting it to qualm everyone's concerns. I definitely want a refund then I'm going to get the Intel NUC, at least they actually run a business, not a circus like MyGica.
  11. Hi, Any update to this? It seems like the ATV495Max is an issue that can't be solved. It should be recalled of the shelves. The product fails and the support doesn't actually provide any indication of when the issues will be resolved. This does seem like a HelloPeter moment. I hate complaining but this is ridiculous.
  12. Hi @admin Is that he new Android version actually on testing or is there nothing that can be done and I should burn this TV box as Netflix doesn't work at all and the update has been in Beta testing for ages. I work in software development and it cannot honestly take this long to complete. I've tried everything you guys have said and there's still no hope. If it's a PLEASE BE POLITE product just be honest and I'll gladly bin it and just use PS4 but this run around of not actually adding support is tiresome.
  13. But then Netflix won't work at all as I won't be able to install it?
  14. There's a Beta firmware version on the mygica website that has Netflix pre-installed
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