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  1. I tried a factory reset on my A TV 1200 and it worked for a while, however with suddenly dropped. Next I used my phone as a hotspot and it connected but the connection went out and an out of range message appeared on screen with the phone less than three feet away. Clearly with is unreliable or prone to interference, so I will be going with wired. I hope to use this as a mini pc with Ubuntu.
  2. According to one video, you instal Busybox, VNC viewer for Android, and use Linuxinstaler, all free play store apps. I got as far as putting in the ad card but my wi th then failed not connecting not starting, hopefully I can post back here when and if successful.
  3. There's a video on YouTube that instructs users to go tomfike explorer and delete a file in the data folder. Having same prob with My nice A TV 1200.
  4. I believe it is possible by booting from an sd card while holding a pin in the reset slot. A light version calĺed Open Elec is possible acc to You Tube vid search for it. Will attempt and let post here.
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