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    Atv329x android 7

    I updated to Android 7.1 which then updated to 7.2. DSTV now is not compatible and I still have issues navigating in Showmax. You have to switch between the mouse cursor and arrows. Netflix works , but if you install the update for Netflix it stops working. I cannot go back to version 6 now , Netflix does not works there anyway and the same navigation issue in version 6. I see it has an 905x chipset and wonder if you can install the firmware for the ATV495x which has the same chipset.
  2. I have an ATV 329X and the build was MygigaS905X-2 V2.3. (6.0.1) Updated this to the Android 7.2 because Showmax did not navigate correctly and Netflix did not work. Now Showmax works but you have to navigate with the mouse. DSTV now is not compatible now and Netflix works. Seems like if you update the Netlix app it stops working. I cannot go back to Android 6 now. Have you found a solution for your problem?
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