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  1. Thanks for respond , i solve my problem,with same way you say in your respond , + i install File Manager app , and after that i'm able to browse USB drive , and install rest of needed application ,and all working nice now .. Thanks again for , your advice , and help
  2. Can you somebody ,help me with any information , how to install android apk from another source ,like USB , SD card , .How to display or browse files from usb ,when i plug in in this Box .. I have another Different Mygica Box where is all very simple . This TV Box looks nice , It's very confuse ,when you try to install another android apk , in this unit , i already adjust in settings to allow apk from unknown source . In another Mygica products , you have File Explore apk , or Apk Installer , you able to easy open usb device ,and install what you want with this apk. Thanks very much for any help .
  3. Mygica TVA 495 Max apk instalation from usb Hi i just receive this Box , Mygica TVA 495 Max . It's possible install apk from usb ,or sd card , how can see files ,when i plug in USB drive . I have another Android Box Mygica , where is all very simple . This one , is very strange for me . This one just push you to buy apk from Google play ,. Can i install android apk from another sources , Please if someone have more information , how to solve this problem ,. To help me . Thanks in forward
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